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Wildlife conservation jobs zimbabwe

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WebFeb 17,  · Find the latest jobs, voluntary opportunities, internships and fellowships in Africa. Jobs in wildlife conservation, forest conservation, natural resources, ecology, . WebLocation of the Project: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Project length: Minimum 2 weeks – Maximum 12 weeks Arrival Airport: Bulawayo Airport (BUQ) Volunteer Work: Handling the animals, .

Wildlife conservation jobs zimbabwe

Wildlife Researcher Job Purpose This position will work closely with our Wildlife Manager to further our efforts at conservation research on lion, vultures. What careers are available in this area? In Zimbabwe the official body responsible for the conservation of the environment and of the fauna and flora inside the.

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Nature Conservation: Rangers in training in Southern African Wildlife College - KfW

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FIELD COORDINATOR - WILDLIFE. Environment, Hwange, Zimbabwe. Our client, a non-profit conservation organisation is looking for a Field Coordinator to join. WWF Zimbabwe's work covers the following thematic areas: wildlife and protected areas management; forestry and landscape management; wetlands management; and.

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WebThe Principal Zimbabwe Institute of Wildlife Conservation P Bag Masvingo Send scanned documents to Email: [email protected] or [email protected] . WebConservation Careers For Starters, Switchers & Professionals Supercharge your career with Conservation Careers training Conservation Careers For Starters, Switchers & .

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